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I think it’s really a community service to offer discounts to frontline workers and what I’m calling “at-risk” families who I’m defining as the many, many people I know who are over 65 and who are not leaving their homes because this virus attacks the elderly like nothing before, it seems. 

I have a neighbor whose name is Judy, a lovely lady(!) who hosts Happy Hours that I have really enjoyed on her front lawn with our neighbors.  I only go over there when it’s warm, and of course we practice social distancing.  But as of last week I met her very nice son and three of her grandchildren who were bringing her food; it warmed my heart that the son who lives in Highlands Ranch was being so dutiful, and her lovely school-aged grandchildren all one-by-one when they left made it a big deal to say “Thank You Grammy, I love you.”  And while Judy is very social and it’s driving her crazy not to go out, she’s got neighbors across the street checking on her daily, but she’s my target for these at-risk families.  The son tells her not to go out and the young man with his family shop for her and try to protect her!  It’s awesome. 

This is the kind of community support I can offer with my business and experience, and I’m glad to do it.

If you have legal needs, or know someone who does – please give us a call. I’m here to make sure you and yours get the help you need, and I’m glad to offer discounts to our heroes, frontline workers through this very trying time.