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Estate Planning

Update your estate plan every four years as you decide who to elect President of the United States. The laws WILL change, and we’re here to help.

COVID-19 Estate Planning

*70% and *40% Discounts for Frontline Workers and At-Risk Families

Using Temporary Notary Program Rules under Colorado law** adopted March 30th specifically for estate planning and other document notarization work during the pandemic, Adams Law is stepping up its services at deep discounts to our community in need. These are complex rules most law firms and other businesses have not yet adopted. Adams Law wants to give back to its Denver community during a time of need to help families protect themselves. Call our offices to learn full details.

* Clients Must Use Zoom videoconference technology and have a remote scanner to qualify.
** These 8 CCR 1505-11 Rules, adopted by Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold on March 30, 2020, allow for notary work via videoconference.

We have worked with injured parties on many occasions. My favorite story of the people I’ve helped was a young couple: he was driving, she was talking with him and looking to their left as they entered into an intersection … when CRASH BANG they hit a Police Car! Her injuries were significant, she’s one of our best clients as to a testimonial (See About Us, Customer Testimonials). We fought the law and We Won!
  • If you’ve been in an traffic crash and you’re hurt, call us, no matter if you were riding in a car, a truck, on a motorcycle or bicycle or skate board.  Or if you were hit by a vehicle or bicycle or car while walking.  Call us. 
  • If you’ve slipped and fallen due to someone not shoveling ice or snow.  Call Us.
  • If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, Call Us.

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